Student Management

Design courses, assignments, quizzes and exams. Manage grades and results instantly.

Library Management

Control and manage all what is related to your internal library. 

Assessment & Analysis

Turn Student Data into action. The ability to make well informed decisions using Data and analysis.

About US

Align with us to transform, digitalize, and innovate your educational environment

Sabina is an educational technology company. It provides a well designed and structured Learning Management System LMS for K-12 and Higher Education. With a user-friendly tool of communication and content delivery, We put the student and teacher on the right track for an agile learning process.

Our Features

We help you solve the most critical challenges in education to drive student success. 

Virtual Classroom

Innovative shape of e-learning and Online education. Be there at the moment.

Assessment Management

Measuring whether or not learning actually occurred as expected allows educators to identify the gaps and gains in every curriculum.

Communication & Collaboration 

Communicate systemwide instantly. Inplatform messages and mass announcements.

Our Achievement

Why Sabina!







"Sabina became an efficient and reliable source of data for our organization. We now have a system which is flexible, cost effective, and most importantly lightning fast.”  

Madz Villesen
Via University, Denmark